Old Year, New Pics.

Since my last post was kind of a downer, here are some non-downer pictures. As of the other day (Rosh HaShanna), it’s a new year in Tel Aviv (5777), so here are a few pictures from the old year (aka the last month).

In my attempts to get a wedding present to send to the US, we went down to the Nachlat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall (which is cooler than the website makes it look). I ended up not getting a wedding present there, but we did walk by the Great Synagogue, which was not only a cool building, but had this super cool 3-D but very flat looking clock out front. It was a Cubist dream clock:


We have discovered a very nice park + dog park overlooking the Mediterranean. I hope Finnegan appreciates these dog park views:


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Cofix here, but I am in love with it. It’s a coffee shop, where everything is 5 shekels (like $1.25 USD). Muffins, sandwiches, carrot juice, really good coffee: it’s all 5 shekels. They also have a couple bars (again, everything is 5 shekels: beer, cocktails, etc), and markets (SuperCofix). The market is, once again, everything 5 shekels. Bread, yogurt, whatever. In the most exciting move of all time, a SuperCofix is coming in in our neighborhood. Not exaggerating, I gasped when I saw the sign go up, and have checked on the building progress multiple times a day, every day:


And here is a spread of all the pastries we got this morning for a grand total of less than $2 USD, and Will looking VERY pleased with his Birds of Israel and The Middle East book (also shout-out to our apartment in this picture):


4 thoughts on “Old Year, New Pics.

    1. Thanks! I’ll post more soon. I haven’t been taking a ton of pictures recently, but I’m trying to get back in the habit.


  1. Hi Alivia, Thanks for taking the time to write your blog! We really enjoy watching your Tel Aviv adventure unfold. Fall is coming here. The daylight is disappearing on both ends of the day. No more waking to birdsong at 5:30 or gardening after dinner. Rio is growing her fuzzy winter coat. It’s still beautiful walking weather on those sunny afternoons with a crispy breeze and the beginning fall color. David is on a major purge/clean-up mission downstairs and making great progress. I’m working on winterizing horse stuff and the garden. We love you and miss you! Kisses and pats all around, Marla

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    1. Thanks! Glad you guys are enjoying the blog 🙂 That’s nice that the afternoons are still sunny and walkable at least. Hope the purge/clean-up mission and winterizing the garden are going well! Can’t believe it’s October already!


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